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50mg/tab - 100tabs/bottle
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 300/100
Risk of estrogen levels/estrogen-mediated effects: Yes, but independent of higher estrogen levels (no direct aromatization)
Risk of cardiovascular issues with use: Yes
Risk of hepatic strain with use: Yes

Oxymetholone: General and key information

Oxymetholone enjoys its reputation as an extremely powerful anabolic when an increase in mass is the defining metric. It is a DHT offshoot with a key chemical modification made in its addition of a methyl chemical group to the 17th carbon point and an addition of a 2-hydroxy methylene chemical group, bot of which act to drastically boost its potency, albeit without doing much to its androgenicity as many other chemical modifications do.


The outcome of these modifications is an extremely fast-acting and potent, if not the most efficient, steroid, that is popularly incorporated by athletic or aesthetically focused gymgoers, to help boost any progress their making towards their goals.


From a metabolization perspective, the product acts by binding to androgen receptors, in order to elicit cell signaling that induces protein synthesis increases and a rise in nitrogen retention in the body, as well as a boost in erythrocyte production.


It also may bind specifically with some estrogen receptors and cause a large degree of electrolyte retention, which could explain some of the bloating and fluid retention reported by users, and the risk of gynecomastia despite no partial processing of the main chemical body into estrogen. The c-17-alpha-alkylation also means that hepatic strain will occur when it’s metabolized, an issue discussed further below.

Common results

As mentioned above, the quick-acting and potent Oxymetholone is commonly used at the start of a program to give quick and significant gains in muscle mass. This is why it's often nicknamed a "Kickstarter", as its use is included alongside other products that will take more time to exert their effects, like conventional testosterone.


Indeed, there have been sufficiently drastic results from its use to merit its reputation in this way. Studies have shown up to 3.5 kilograms in lean mass in only 16 weeks with clinical dosing, which would be far lower than recreational or competitive doses, and the latter two would also be accompanied by the use of other anabolics.


This substantial increase known mass would also be accompanied by an associated increase in strength and power capacity, with an increase in red blood cell manufacturing also causing a rise in work capacity. So, overall, this would boost both appearance and athleticism, which should make it no surprise as to why it's so commonly acquired and used by those in athletic and aesthetic pursuits.

Adverse effects

While coming with a host of perks, including the relatively fast means in which they are delivered, the use of Oxymetholone also comes with a host of potential adverse effects that need to be carefully considered before purchasing it and including it into your program, particularly for beginner users, who may be particularly sensitive to its impact. 


Common issues would include, for a start, an increase in unhealthy cholesterol levels, in tandem with a decreased flexibility of the blood vessel walls and greater heart size. This would naturally increase the chance of incurring a negative cardiovascular event.


Meanwhile, there is also a substantial increase in fluid retention, potentially due to the higher electrolyte retention or specific binding to estrogen receptors mentioned above, alongside the risk of incurring gynecomastia. 


Then, there is a large risk of hepatic strain due to the structure of the chemical being particularly difficult to process through the hepatic system. And its use will also reduce, or even cut off the endogenous testosterone manufacturing your body is already doing, necessitating both exogenous supplementation and a high-quality Post Cycle Therapy regime after your program finishes.


The androgenic nature of Oxymetholone also means that issues like oily skin or acne, and accelerated balding in those genetically predisposed will also be an issue for men, while some may have to endure virilizing effects like a change in facial structure, voice depth, and hair growth.


All of these should be carefully considered before using Oxymetholone to make an informed and effective decision as to whether or how you will use it in your program.

Common uses and phases of uses

Due to both its rapid and potent outcomes with use, and its relatively inefficient means of giving these outcomes means you will common!y find that it's used during phases where the objective is gaining as much mass as possible in a short period of time.


Dosing and administration

Another key variable that one would need to consider when it comes to including Oxymetholone into one’s program, both effectively and as efficiently as possible, is how much of it you are planning on taking, and how you are planning on taking it. 


Commonly reported doses are highly varied with amount of 50 milligrams up to much higher doses of 300 milligrams reported as being taken daily. This would usually be administered by taking a single 50 milligrams tablet each day at a regular time.


However, some users have reported that they have chose to, instead of simply starting directly on the amount that they initially desired using, start on 50 milligrams and gradually, either daily or weekly, increase this amount by a single 50 milligrams tablet until they reached their desired dose, in an attempt at a more efficient and tolerable period of use in their programs.

Due diligence

A quick additional note: Care should be taken when acquiring Oxymetholone. Its popularity and reputation has led to a number of counterfeit or contaminated and inferior products entering the market. This makes doing your research on how and who you're getting it from more important, in order to make sure your seller has a good reputation and supplies high quality products. This can be checked through reviews of previous customers and review boards online, for a more transparent experience. 

Package 100 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol

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