Hilma Trenbolone Enanthate

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200mg/ml - 10ml/vial
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 500/500
Risk of estrogen levels/estrogen-mediated effects: Yes, gynecomastia, but independent of estrogen levels and due to progestational effects
Risk of cardiovascular issues with use: Yes, moderate
Risk of hepatic strain with use: Yes, low

Trenbolone Enanthate: The Basics

Trenbolone was originally a drug invented to help increasing the mass placed on livestock, in an effort to provide further profits for farmers. however, if you’ve ever spent much time around those who use anabolics, you’ll know it is also a very popular choice for people looking to boost their aesthetic.


The chemical itself is not too dissimilar to Nandrolone, with changes including a double bond between the ninth and eleventh carbon points. This results in a far more potent agent, five times more potent in fact, this normal testosterone.


Usually, this agent would be very fast acting. After all, the original version given to cows was Trenbolone Acetate (going by the brand name of Finajet), meaning it only lasted in the system for around 4 days in total.


The Enanthate attachment provided on this version allows its lifespan to be extended to around 2 weeks, with a half-life of approximately 7 days. This allows its effects, which are discussed below, to last far longer and in a more sustained fashion.


Trenbolone Enanthate isn’t so commonly used for nothing. The chemical changes its structure has undergone means, despite being so potent, it doesn’t partially convert to estrogen. This means it will help in applying very large amounts of lean mass, up to almost 1.5 kilograms per week by some reports. however, it won’t also cause a concurrent increase in water or fat, as is seen in other potent anabolics. 


With this increase in lean tissue would also come a boost in strength, power and speed. An increase in erythrocyte production elicited from Trenbolone will also help boost recovery and work capacity as well. All of these make it incredibly useful for both competitive athletes and bodybuilders.

Potential Drawbacks

While Trenbolone Enanthate is an incredibly beneficial drug for those in aesthetic and competitive circles, this potency also sadly crosses over to its side effects. It is one of the most notorious for adverse effects of all of its counterparts.


These can include:


  • Temporary shortness of breath and coughing after administration.
  • Mood swings and sleep disturbances, as well as heart palpitations and bouts of increased sweating.
  • Increased levels of unhealthy cholesterol, heart size, and arterial wall stiffness, which will raise the chances of a cardiovascular event happening.
  • A suppression of endogenous testosterone manufacturing, greater and more sustained after the end of use than even other anabolics, necessitating testosterone supplementation during its use and Post Cycle Therapy afterwards.
  • Progestational effects like the risk of gynecomastia and sexual performance disturbances.
  • Androgen-mediated effects like bouts of oily skin and acne, accelerated balding in genetically predisposed individuals, and virilizing effects in women.


Common Phases

Because of its high potency and efficiency, Trenbolone Enanthate from Hilma Biocare is usually used during periods where either the goals are to boost lean mass and strength without a concurrent increase in fat or bloating, or where the goal is to preserve these attributes when close to competition and reducing mass through cutting fat.

Periods of Use

Due to its potency and side effects, the periods in which Trenbolone is used should be carefully thought out, as excessively long periods of sustained use increase the chance of incurring side effects, and these effects becoming more permanent.


These periods would commonly last from 6 to 10 weeks.


Dosing and Administration

The Trenbolone Enanthate is commonly taken as an intramuscular injection through sites like the buttocks and side shoulder.


Common doses would be between 200 up to 750 milligrams weekly. Due to its potency, this use would only be reserved for males with a strong history of prior use of other anabolics. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg/ml
Common name Trenbolone Enanthate

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