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Valkyrie Online - BitCoin Tutorial

Valkyrie Online - BitCoin Tutorial
Not everyone is aware of or fully understands what BitCoins are and how they work – this is why we’ve set up this page to help you get started.
This is one of the safest and most convenient forms of finance in the world today, and once you start using it on a regular basis, we don’t believe you’ll look back.

Buy Steroids With A Bank Card

It’s really easy to acquire these unique digital coins – you simply need to get yourself on the main BC homepage and set up your first wallet.
When this has been initiated, set up your public address for trading; now it’s a simple case of purchasing some BitCoins! You can acquire as many as you wish, and as soon as they land in your “netwallet” you’re ready to start trading with them.

Credit/Debit Card BitCoin Exchanges

When shopping with us, stack the items you want in your basket and opt for BC as your preferred financial outlet – you’ll then see what the equivalent cost is in coins.
Now you can either transfer the coins in your wallet to ours using our public trading address, or top up your coin content using a bank card to meet the order value.
It’s simple, easy and hassle free.

How To Buy BitCoins In 1 Minute

Once your digital wallet has been set up, it’s easy to add to it anytime you like – you’ll always be able to purchase more coins from the BC homepage, or you could even try your hand at online “mining” to discover more!
There are some excellent online guides explaining how to perform this latter procedure, but most people simply opt to buy them, being that it’s the most direct and time sparing option.
A wealth of BC partners exist on the net who offer these coins for sale too, so you have plenty of options in regards to where you acquire them from.

How To Pay For Your Order With BitCoins

Once on the page containing the financial details, our E-wallet information will be displayed for you so that all you have to do is authorise a transaction between your wallet and ours – once the relevant amount of coins have been sent to us, we’ll swiftly ship your order out to you.
There are numerous benefits to using BC’s – they are regarded as being safer than normal currency due to the high level of security that goes into their production and sustenance, and due to only a handful ever being scheduled for production they are also likely to increase in value over time.
You should give them a try and see what all the fuss is about!