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A Quick Tutorial On Genotropin-Go Pens

A Quick Tutorial On Genotropin-Go Pens

We know plenty of our dedicated customers will appreciate some advice on how best to use the genotropin-go quick pen. This unique device can seem a little daunting at first if you haven’t used it before, but we’re going to help break down any barriers you may have so that you can start to benefit from the awesome results it has to offer. Please make sure you’ve got alcohol wipes at your disposal as you must keep the administration site entirely sterile throughout the injection procedure (and afterwards) in order to avoid infection.

Step one – Clean Your Hands

Thoroughly wash your hands, then proceed to use an alcohol wipe to clean your administration site. Please note that it’s always a good idea to wipe down the pen thoroughly too for disinfectant purposes.

Step Two – Remove The Foil Cap And Attach The Needle

Remove the lid from the top of the pen, then proceed to remove the metal section from the plastic body. After you have done this, remove the foil on the needle and attach the needle to the metal section.

Step Three – “Load” Your Genotropin

First, remove a product cartridge from its packaging then make sure that the colour code on the cartridge itself matches the colour code on the pen. Do not proceed if they aren’t precisely the same. Provided it is a match, hold the metal section upright and firmly insert the cartridge into it. Check that it is secure before you proceed.

Step Four – Arm Your Pen

Press the red button to provide access to the injection button. Twist this button as far as it will go to reveal the plunger rod. If you can see this rod through the window, this means that the product will not mix properly.

Step Five – Piece It Back Together

You can now insert the metal section back into the main housing.

Step Six – Mix The Solution

With the metal section back inside the main housing, the product will now mix together. Gently tip it from side to side to ensure that there are no “solid” elements waiting to dissolve.

Step Seven – Release Trapped Air

Hold the needle upright and gently push the plunger until a fractional amount of liquid releases. Stop as soon as it appears – this will ensure there is no air trapped inside the shaft.

Step Eight – Select Your Dose

Select the relevant dose using the digital meter.

Step Nine – Inject

Proceed to inject your genotropin subcutaneously (into the fat cells underneath the surface of the skin.) Store your cartridges and replace the needle before every subsequent use. Thoroughly clean your injection site with a sterile wipe to avoid irritation/infection.

1°- Video from youtube ,this is not in english but it doesnt matter; This will allow you to understand how to reconstitute (Mixing Water with Powder) the solution insde the PEN .

2°- Once the reconstitution is done , Please refer to the picture below , in order to set up the dosage to inject  :


1MG = 3 UNITs

0.35MG = 1 UNITs

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